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The Urban-Barry properties are located in Urban Township, in the James Bay territory of Eeyou Istchee, Québec, approximately 700 kilometers north-northwest of Montreal and 100 kilometers east of the municipality of Lebel-sur-Quévillon.

The Urban-Barry property consists of 1,299 map-designated claims covering an area of approximately 707 km².

It is located in the central and eastern parts of the Urban-Barry greenstone belt, in the Abitibi Subprovince of the Archean Superior Province. The property covers three NTS sheets (32F, 32G and 32B).

Key facts

707 km2 The project covers an area in the Urban-Barry Greenstone belt
105 925 m Drilling work to date


The Urban-Barry greenstone belt runs east-west for almost 135 km, with a width ranging from 4 to 20 km. The belt is bounded to the north by the Father plutonic suite, to the east by the Grenville province, to the south by the granitoids and paragneisses of the Barry complex, and to the west by the granitic rocks of the Corriveau and Souart plutons.

The rocks of the Urban-Barry belt are metamorphosed to greenschist facies, although near large intrusions and along deformation corridors, metamorphic conditions can reach amphibolite facies.

The Urban-Barry property consists of felsic to mafic volcanic rocks with thin sedimentary horizons that are cut by several east- and east-northeast-trending deformation zones. The Urban-Barry volcanic belt is informally divided into five restricted rock formations between 2791 Ma and 2707 Ma (Rhéaume and Bandyayera, 2006). In the central part of the belt, where the Windfall deposit is located, the volcano-sedimentary sequences are cut by a series of quartz-feldspar porphyry dykes. U-Pb zircon dating of the pre- and post-mineralization dykes return respective ages of 2698 ± 3 Ma and 2697 ± 0.4 Ma (Davis, 2016, unpublished).

Since 2016, a total of 105,925 meters have been completed on the Urban Barry property. Drilling has led to the discovery of several gold showings, including Golden Bear, Fox, Fox West and Black Dog.