Our values


Maintaining a caring workplace environment where, at all levels of the organization, all our employees and partners can perform their work safely, in a healthy and respectful way.


Acting and interacting with trust, dignity, and respect.


Hiring and nurturing an inclusive and diverse team.


Acting with honesty, transparency, and fairness.


Using available resources wisely and evaluating our practices with a continuous improvement mindset.


Taking ownership of our impact on others and on the environment.

Environment, social and governance

Windfall Mining Group distinguishes itself with an innovative ESG approach marked by a sincere commitment towards sustainability. We believe that future prosperity relies on our ability to extract resources responsibly while making a positive contribution to the development of our host communities, the well-being of our employees, and the sound management of the environment. This is why we have adopted a bold vision and values that reflect who we are.

Our ESG approach is built on three essential pillars. First, we commit to continuous innovation in reducing our environmental footprint, including investments in cutting-edge technologies to minimize the ecological impacts of our operations. Secondly, we place social responsibility at the core of our strategy, ensuring that our activities benefit local communities, promote inclusion, and improve the living conditions of our workers. Finally, our governance ensures transparency, integrity, and sound management, thereby strengthening the trust of our stakeholders. Windfall Mining Group continually renews its commitment to its mission, thereby shaping a sustainable future for our industry.

Windfall Mining Group has established policies to openly detail our vision and expectations regarding health and safety, human resources, the environment, responsible procurement, and community relations.

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