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  • Content is defined as any images, comments, publications or statements.
  • Any publication that is hateful, defamatory, disparaging, sexist, racist, obscene or incites violence or illegal acts will be immediately deleted.
  • Internet users must ensure that they have read the entire publication, article or press release before commenting.
  • On the Internet, words written entirely in capital letters are considered to be shouted. It is therefore advisable to avoid writing a message or comment entirely in capital letters.Internet users must ensure that they have the rights to the content they publish. Any content that is considered plagiarism will be deleted.
  • Profanity and other vulgar language will be deleted immediately.
  • Inappropriate language or out-of-context debates, personal attacks or quarrels between members of the community will not be tolerated.
  • Content that could cause harm to our customers, employees or business partners will not be tolerated.
  • Comments that are not related to the topics discussed, or deemed irrelevant, will be moved or deleted.
  • Duplicate comments, i.e. posting the same text several times, will not be tolerated.
  • Content without identification of the author will be systematically deleted.
  • Promotion of a company or service via Windfall Mining Group pages is prohibited.
  • Internet users who post an aberrant comment will be invited to correct it with the correct information within one hour. After this time, the unmodified comment will be deleted.


  • Confidential information and personal contact details must not be made public.
  • Internet users wishing to communicate with the company must identify themselves. The use of pseudonyms or false identities is prohibited.
  • Internet users who interact must be aware of the consequences of their comments. Comments are public and may be referenced anywhere on the Internet.


  • Windfall Mining Group accepts no responsibility for the content and opinions expressed by Internet users on its social networks. The opinions expressed are those of the authors.
  • Groupe Minier Windfall reserves the right not to reply to a comment and/or to delete it. The author of a comment may have his or her access to Groupe Minier Windfall’s social media withdrawn without warning.
  • Groupe Minier Windfall reserves the right to modify this netiquette at any time and without notice.

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